Download SHAREit Latest Version for Windows Phone

Those days are gone when we use to have USB and Bluetooth for transferring files. So, to transfer the files or music we had to use USB and no doubt the long process was painful. Now the users don’t have to download any kind of emulators like BlueStacks or Android. You can get SHAREit from Lenovo’s official websites. It is officially available for Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 and can be downloaded without any technical problems. The interesting factor is SHAREit Latest Version for Windows Phone is available now. So take a look at how to download it.

SHAREit for Windows Phone

Here are the simple steps to get download SHAREit for pc. The process of sending files are just a matter of seconds.

  1. Both the devices should have SHAREit installed to share files. Till now we haven’t heard any issues arising from the windows phone users. Therefore, there’s
  2. Nothing to worry about. Users can download it with ease.
  3. For sharing, just select the file and click on share.
  4. Click receive on the other device
  5. And finally your file is transferred in seconds

Why to Download APK version when it is Present in Google Play Store?

Though it is available for Google Play store, the users at times get it from the .apk files, and one may ask why to take so much trouble? The reason is downloading the app can lead to issues like insufficient memory in your phone or an error can occur. In these cases, users can download SHAREit via .Apk files and don’t bother about the legalities. Apk files are generally legal. After this, you can use SHAREit with the same method as PC or Windows on your Android phone.

Is SHAREit available on Blackberry?

As it is currently available for the Well, blackberry is a one of a kind device. The blackberry users are eagerly waiting for SHAREit application on their phones. But the bad news is that it is still not available for Blackberry users, the reason being that there are less number of people using Blackberry devices as compared to Android and iOS, SHAREit has yet not released a version for them.


SHAREit app is too perfect for fun, communication and for sharing important stuff. SHAREit Latest Version for Windows Phone is available now, so download it and enjoy the infinite option of sharing videos, pictures, and other important files.

How To Fix Showbox video not available Error Easily

As an ardent fan of Showbox, I have been praising the app to my friends and family members since I started using it. It doesn’t only provide the latest shows but also provides proper HD quality that makes watching the video quite awesome.

You won’t get interested in the latest TV series or movies if the video quality isn’t up to the mark. So downloading the videos from Torrent sites won’t help much because the Sample images showing video quality don’t match the actual one which you will download. But in Showbox, one thing is confirmed, and that’s quality video. You won’t find any low quality patchy video at all.

But installing Showbox won’t resolve all issues at a time because system related issues like Showbox video not available may throw you into big trouble if you are not aware of the issues and the fixes of these.

Showbox video not available- What’s the issue

Look, this is a very frequent issue that appears while scrolling through Showbox app, especially when you try to stream a video after a long search and filter. When your command doesn’t provide server linking to the video, the error message showing Showbox video not available comes.

How to solve the problem of Showbox video not available

Let’s find out the probable solutions that can be taken within few minutes and in my personal opinion, only if your bad luck is so bad then the below mentioned fixes wouldn’t work.

Check your data connectivity: Have a check on the data connectivity of the device where you are running the app. It’s the first and very basic thing that we miss maximum times.

Update the app: Check whether any new update has hit the market or not, if yes, then quickly update the app first because sometimes it happens that old and outdated apps can’t be connected to the server and this issue arrives.

Try another server: If you have done with the previous steps and even if the issue persists, then it may happen that the show you are looking for may have been transferred to another server. On tapping a particular show, you will have two options- Server A and Server B, If the video isn’t available on server A then try server B. It will be there.

Let us know whether I could make any change in your app life and don’t forget to mention if you are getting any issue while following this guideline to kick out Showbox video not available error message.

Mi 6 Features

Xiaomi Mi 6 Features/Specifications Roundup (Probable)

Mi 6 Features: Smartphone makers Xiaomi, inspite of being comparative newbies to the bigger tech firms, have managed to make their presence felt in the consumer smartphone market with their Mi smartphone series. The last smartphone in the line-up the Mi 5 and its variants, the Mi 5s and the Mi 5 Plus have been a tremendous success on a worldwide scale with millions of units being sold out in a brief period of time via flash sales as well as retail stores. Now, Xiaomi will be looking up to following up the success of the Mi 5 with yet another groundbreaking device in 2017 which is pegged to offer users the latest advancements in technology incorporated under one roof in the form of the Mi 6.

Mi 6 Features

Mi 6 Features

By the looks of it, the Mi 6 will not be rolled out any time before the end of Q1 2017, which gives us a probable release date along the March-April date line. Today’s world sees new pieces of technology introduced every other day and within very shorts spans of time. And one thing which we are sure of is, by the time, the Mi 6 is launched by the company, the smartphone will have gone the length into featuring a dazzling line of specifications.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Features

MI 6 Design

Xiaomi’s Mi flagship smartphones have been a huge hit among the market and itr seems that the next in-line device is pegged to go for a make-over on the design front. The Mi 6 from Xiaomi is supposed to have a 100% screen-to-body ratio completely omitting the bezels on the smartphone along with the home button. This automatically moves the fingerprint scanner to the rear panel. The device is also pegged to be sport a full-metal build adding to th sturdyness and compactness of Xiaomi’s latest offering.

MI 6 Display

The Mi 6 from Xiaomi is expected to come with a 5.7 inch Super AMOLED touchscreen and a 100% screen to body ratio. The device is on its way to become Xiaomi’s first 4K resolution device although the company has remained very tight-lipped in this particular foray. The display of the smartphone will have Corning’s latest Gorilla Glass 5 protection.

XIAOMI MI 6 Hardware

The Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus, which is the premium variants of the Mi 5, featured a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 chipset, which is perhaps the best 14nm chipset in the market. However, when it comes to smartphone processors, things have been taken up quite a notch by the chipset manufacturers. Xiaomi Mi 6, without a doubt, will feature the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, which was announced by Qualcomm a few days back. The 835 is the first 10nm chipset from Qualcomm is definitely pegged to be ‘THE’ pick when it comes to the new premium smartphones rolled out in 2017 by the consumer electronics giants. According to Qualcomm, the new fabrication process makes the chipset up to 30 percent more efficient while offering performance improvement of 27 percent. Also, the Snapdragon 835 will provide 40% more battery backup, which means higher battery backup irrespective of the size or density of the battery.

MI 6 Memory

Xiaomi smartphones have always sported a very convenient segregation of its device models according to the on-board and internal memory specifications of their devices. The Pro, Standard and Prime editions of the Mi 5 were a welcome available choice for consumers and the company will look to do the same with the Mi 6 as well.

For the Mi 6, we are expecting the same three variant but with a 6GB Ram specification in all of them with the variants only being differentiated on the basis of their on-board storage memory. The Pro is expected have 256 GB , 128GB in the Prime and 64GB in the standard editions of the upcoming Mi 6.

However, the Mi 6 will still not support devoice storage expansion via external Micro-SD cards.

MI 6 Software

On the software front, there isn’t much to contemplate over as the Mi 6, which is scheduled to be rolled out near March 2017, will definitely run on Android v7.0 Nougat out-of-the-box.

MI 6 Camera

The latest smartphones of today are all sporting dual-lens camera setups and the Mi 6 from Xiaomi will not be any different. The Chinese company has already launched a dual camera device before in the form of the Mi 5s Plus and it seems that the Mi 6 is setup up to sport specific advancements on the optics front. The upcoming device is slated to sport a 20MP plus 20MP wide-angle dual-lens camera setup with dual-LED (dual tone) flash along with phase detection and auto-focus on the rear panel. By the looks of it, the Chinese company might opt for Sony-manufactured lens but as of now, that does seem like a wild assumption made. On the front panel, the Mi 6 will most definitely sport a 8MP camera for selfie taking and video calling purposes.

XIAOMI MI 6 Battery

The Xiaomi Mi 5 was powered by a non-removable 3,000 mAh battery while its premium variant, the Mi 5s plus came with a 3,800 mAh battery. Now, considering the fact that the new 10nm chipset might be the processor incorporated in the Mi 6, the battery retention capacity of the device is expected to improve substantially. The Mi 6 will most probably come out with a non-removable 3,500 mAh battery which would come with Qualcomm’s latest Quickcharge 4.0 compatibility.